Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am stubborn. Get used to it.

So, Mom had an ultrasound on Thursday, and apparently, I have heard through the grapevine (they call it an "umbilical cord" out in the Real World) that it took me forever to turn around so they could get the appropriate pictures and measurements. Yes, I made my mom lay there for just over two hours while my dad sat in a chair staring at a screen because I did not feel like moving. Yep...I had my butt pointed at the camera for that whole time. And yep...Mom was slightly annoyed that she had to wear a weird hospital gown for no real reason except that she was in a hospital. The gown was poorly designed, and honestly useless. So...I was a bit difficult. 

Why, you may ask? Why, dear Dot, would you ever do such a thing?

Well...because I have been denied ice cream. That's why. At the advice of those around my mom, she has curtailed her ice cream intake to a level that is falling short of the standards I have set for myself. I will go on strike during any upcoming ultrasounds, until my demands for the sweet stuff are met.
Know this...I have no limits, because I do not know what limits are. That's not a threat...No one has taught me yet. Seriously. No one has taught me what limits mean. Anyone that can clue me in would be of great help to me. a show of good will...I turned around just long enough for the final measurements, and also to show my face for the first time in a long time. Here is the best pic from the Ultrasound....

Ladies and Gentlemen.... I officially have a face. By the way...many thanks to the lady doing the ultrasound for squishing my nose.  I look ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

You don't look ridiculous. You look cute. I need to see more of you. Gramma Mindy (Should it be spelled "Grama" or "Gramma"?)

The Dot said...

Thank you again for your compliment. I am a little nervous about appearing with a squished nose in public, and you are making me feel much better.
As for the spelling question....I will have to get back to you once I do some research. One "m" looks a little more natural to me, but if you google them both, gramma looks like it is more accepted......

I'll keep you posted.