Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well...I am merely three posts into my blog, and already controversy has erupted.
I feel the need to address my previous post, as several people (Including my mom) have brought a few problems to my attention. 

Yes...the last post was about my distaste for American film and television "actor" Michael Rappaport. Several people have noted that I have not actually watched any of Mr. Rappaport's work, and therefore would be unable to comment upon its quality (Or lack of...)

Here is the thing: First off, I am currently typing a blog. This makes it pretty obvious that I have internet access in  here (The Womb Wide Web, if you will....HA! Clearly I ended up with my father's corny sense of humor) and I am able to research news items of the day, and other such important information that I find pertinent to my growth and development.

By the way...my condolences go out to a Mr. "Dow Jones" who apparently fell down a set of almost 777 stairs yesterday. My best for a speedy recovery!

Where was I...OH! That's right...
Secondly, my father is always having conference calls with me. And by this, I mean that he leans close to mom's belly and actually talks to me. He really does this. He has given me a few life lessons (And has somehow managed to avoid cursing during them) and also talked to me about a few things that he feels are important. He does this, both because he thinks it's fun, and wants me to recognize his voice. I will definitely recognize his voice, with or without the chats, since he is awfully loud.

These are the ways that I have ended up knowing about things that you wouldn't necessarily think that a growing  fetus should know about. Please know that, in the future, I will refrain from editorializing in my blog. I will try and just keep it informative, and on topic. Every now and again, I'm sure something important will come up that I feel the need to comment on.

Like the fact that Michael Rappaport is a terrible, terrible actor.

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tmheffer said...

I think it speaks to the fundamental terribleness of Michael Rappaport that a tiny fetus can the lack of talent form within the womb.