Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Word of Note

Michael Rappaport is the most overrated actor of our time. Seriously...who decided this guy was good? He does one character...the character of "Michael Rappaport: Most overrated actor of our time" and doesn't even do that character all that well. 

Boo to Prison Break (Already a shark-jumped show if there ever was one) for allowing this man to poison what dignity it has left. I keep giving Prison Break numerous chances to win me back, because Dad has a lot invested in the Burrows brothers. (And also an understandable man-crush on Wentworth Miller)

My apologies for the shoddy picture, but I don't have photoshop in here and have to make do with the very basic of photo editing programs.

That is all.


tmheffer said...


And after 2 posts, the blog has turned into a quasi movie and tV review site. I am personnally shocked it took so long.

I do agree with the opinion about Michael Rappaport. He his easily the worst part about Prison Break, which now in its 4th season is more like Mission Impossible than anything else.

The Dot said...

Mr. Heffer...

Welcome to the blog! I'm pleased that you found time to visit in between judging the content of blogs.

Please see my next blog post, which directly addresses your concerns...

I'm kidding of course....I am, however, psyched as all get out that you are my first "Follower". The blog is going to blow up soon, and you'll be glad you got in on the ground floor, amigo.