Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My room is all done!! of the reasons for moving out to Bethesda was to have more space in our apartment. This led to me getting my very own room. A few weeks ago, everything came together, and we finished setting everything up. I figured I'd share a few glimpses into my new digs.
You also get a good look at all of the toys and books that people have generously given me over the last 14 months (and beyond!) The toys and books are all cleaned up, and placed where they go at night. Mom and Dad have incorporated cleaning up into my bedtime routine, and I help where I behold! My room! (or at least one angle of it.)

Now, don't get me wrong...I miss Mom and Dad being right there. I would LOVE to be peeking out from the bars of my crib to watch the last moments of sleep slip away as I called out to was fun, and we all were like one happy little family in there...

...but a time comes when a guy needs his own space. So we moved into a bigger place, and I got my own room! It's actually the first bedroom, and it even has a closet! It has a large window that Mom and Dad sometimes let me look out. Granted, it's not the best view ever, but I do get to look out at Bethesda, and love watching the cars driving by and the people walking around.

As we unpacked, my room managed to be the only one that we weren't storing stuff in. In was kept uncluttered, and pure.

We bought me a new dresser first....although really, you could have kept it in the box and I would have enjoyed it just the same...

We had gone to IKEA for the first time, and Mom and Dad picked out a nice little dresser for me. Once Dad started working on it, I appointed myself Chief Inspector. I wanted to be able to check out Dad's work, and make sure that it was up to snuff. After all, this dresser was going to house a majority of my clothes, and also I was going to be laying on top of that thing while I was being changed. I wanted to make sure Dad was getting all of the pieces together as he should be.

Yep...sure looks like everything was going according to plan. All the support pieces are in the right spots, and Dad has done a remarkable of making sure that everything is tight, without being too tight.

Since things were going so well, I figured it was time to have a little bit of fun! I loved crawling around the dresser while it was half built. I also enjoyed banging on the side of the dresser. It was really loud. The neighbors must love me.

I knew I'd REALLY miss being able to play in the dresser...but I knew it would help tie the room together and might be somewhat more practical in the long run as a storage vessel for clothing.

And finally, the coup de grace. Mom and Dad worked together (Mom on what is referred to as "Angela Height Stuff", and Dad on all the taller stuff) to paint my room a very nice shade of green called "Leapfrog". It is a nice neutral color, but it just really adds a lot of character to the room. The trim was left white because it really helped set off the green.

(And really...whatever happened to just "green"? Sidebar here...I went with my Dad to Sherwin Williams, and they had, like, a million different variations of each color with clever names like "Sands of Time" I mean, I held some of these paint chips right next to each other and I swear there were several instances of different colors looking exactly the same)

And to further illustrate the color scheme of the room, here is a quick shot of me playing with my magnet farm that Dad cleverly magnetized to the radiator, since I'm not allowed in the kitchen (See previous blog entry. :-( ) And yes, Dad made sure that the exterior of the radiator didn't get hot before he let me play with it.

I am LOVING my room right now! Stop on by and visit...I have plenty of space, now!

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