Monday, March 1, 2010

Treated like a common criminal!'s come to this...

A few weeks ago, Mom and Dad purchased, and subsequently installed a baby gate. Now, the gate was installed in front of the kitchen, because they didn't want me crawling around the cleaning supplies that hadn't been put away from the move yet, and getting into the broiler which is MUCH easier to open in this apartment than it was in the last one.

I assumed that this was temporary, and that sooner or later it would be removed. I was mistaken.

As soon as Dad installed it, I crawled right up to it, and pulled myself up to inspect this new intruder to my full-on reign of the apartment.

As you can see in the last picture below, I can tell where the gate latches, and in theory I know that Mom and Dad do something with a foot pedal to open it...but I can't push down on it hard enough to get it to open.
I DO enjoy rattling the bars when Mom or Dad close the gate on me, and I also like sneaking into the kitchen and locking THEM out sometimes. Unfortunately, this tricky little foot pedal has two sides, and they easily get back into the kitchen.

I may as well swap out the blue and green stripes for a black and white striped motif.

Like a criminal, ya know?

Or The Hamburglar.

Though I am quite busy with general baby activities, and social meetings, my quest to figure out how to open the gate is an ongoing one...


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