Friday, March 12, 2010

Defeating the Tunnel & My Last Day At Jonah's Treehouse

To keep you entertained while I am in Connecticut, I figured I'd share some of the fun I had during my last current session at Jonah's Treehouse.

Now last week, I managed a pretty huge feat: I crawled through a tunnel. Yes, the tunnels were a source of stress for me, and I hated going through them. (Miss Alice had tried to trick me into going through by rolling a ball into the middle, but I lay on my tummy, and stretched as far as I could to grab the ball, while letting the least possible amount of my body end up in the tunnel.)

This week, however, I couldn't the picture above shows, the ball trick clearly worked, and I crawled all the way through. I figured, it was one of the last obstacles I needed to overcome in my last weeks here, and I was gonna do it, no matter what. It was on my terms (Mostly) and I pulled it off. Dad was really excited, and managed to get a quick picture.

One thing you will NOT get me to do anytime soon is go under that stupid parachute. The only thing that keeps me sane, is the fact that bubbles come right after the parachute.

Besides the parachute, generally, the experience has been a lot of fun, but it's been a bit challenging also. When Mom and Dad signed me up, it was at a time that fit directly between my two naps...when I consolidated the two into one, I decided to drop that one nap right at the beginning of my JT I was either half-in-the-bag, asleep, or crabby and wanting to sleep. Poor Dad.

But I rolled with it...and actually had a pretty good time. It was nice to roll this into my routine for the week, and to get to play on a huge playground with the other kids. Whether or not I'll continue depends on if Mom and Dad manage to find a time that works better for me in regards to my nap.

And then I may just change it up anyway. So...there's that. :-)

So, I took some final runs around Jonah's Treehouse to do my favorite things....

One more trip to the ball pit! (No pinching babies in there this time...) And as always, I took a few balls to carry with me throughout the rest of my play session.

One more run down the climbing ramp....I was actually heading towards a game of chicken with another kid that plays at JT, but Dad doesn't like to put pics of other people's kids online...I can't the end, I totally turned around and went back across the ramp, and absolutely lost this game of chicken.

I managed to do more climbing this time than any time before, mostly due to the fact that I was a lot more awake than usual. Dad kept me up, and amused in the car, and he helped keep me in a really good mood...I was interacting with kids left and right, talked a lot to Miss Alice, and even made it to the top of this mountain of squishy blocks...before being distracted by one of the balls from the ball pit which I insist on holding for most of the time while I'm there.

I will miss the play group, but will maybe end up back there again someday....until then, off to new adventures....

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