Friday, February 26, 2010

Terra Cotta Warriors

While Gramma Mindy was here, we all went to The National Geographic Museum to see an exhibit about the Terra Cotta Warriors...

Here is NG's description of the exhibit...
...Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor, (is) an exhibition featuring treasures from the tomb complex including 15 life-size figures, weapons, armor, coins, and more.

Basically, these farmers in China were digging a well, and they just happened upon this giant buried batch of about 6,000 life-sized warrior statues, and other such fancy baubles. I'm told that the site was the size of two football fields...

While I have never personally SEEN a football field, everyone always uses them to describe large things, so I assume they're pretty large.

I was given my very own ticket (Which some guy rudely tried to take at the opening of the exhibit) and was very excited to be seeing such a culturally enriching exhibit. Dad walked me around in the Bjorn, and Gramma Mindy also helped carry me. They were nice enough to let me get down and walk around, since there weren't a lot of people in the main hall. It was fun to look at the statues from that angle, and I had a great view of the little placards that had all the info about the statues.

While we were looking around the gift shop afterwards, I decided to start crying whenever we crossed a certain spot on the ground, so shopping for souvenirs was abbreviated. We also had to abbreviate a stop back in to take a picture with a Warrior replica. All that we have to show for it is a blurry Sasquatch-esque photo with Mom. Either way, we were all having a lot of fun!

Why was I crying, you ask? I don't know...I'm a baby, and I rarely make sense.

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