Saturday, February 6, 2010

Riding in style...

Since I seem to be over the worst of my recent illness (after sharing some of my pretty pink eyes with Mom...she looks just like I did! You're welcome, Mom!) I figured we'd lighten the mood a little bit...keep an eye on the blog though, since my first foray into the Snowmageddon will be documented in the coming hours...once I get those pics transferred) was last night.

Until then...we move on to my stylish ride!

So, whenever we go grocery shopping now, I have gotten big enough to be upgraded to the shopping cart seat.

That's right...I get to sit RIGHT THERE in the cart! Me and groceries, all riding together. You can see in the picture how blurry my legs are because I am kicking them with JOY, folks. That's right, JOY! You may not remember what it was like, but I'm here to tell you that it's an upgrade! ( maybe it's an upgrade from steerage to second class, but it's an upgrade nonetheless! First class would entail a bit more padding in the seat, methinks...)

Dad put me in one of those cart mounted car seat type deals awhile back (I slept through 90% of the shopping trip) but NOW I get to sit up top like a big boy, and look at everything as we zip around the grocery store.

I am even in a convenient enough spot, that I can grab random food items when I want to, even though I am quite aware of the fact that I'm not supposed to be doing that at all.

Like seriously. Not at all.

But, the way I figure, Mom and Dad know for a fact that one of my favorite things is to grab at things that are new to me (and things that aren't necessarily new to me, but are widely known to be "not for babies") and play with them. Much like the stories Dad tells about the most fun places being the ones that have signs that said "No Trespassing", I feel a certain extra jolt of fun, when I know I shouldn't be playing with something.

So yeah...not only do I get a great spot for people watching, I can more easily grab different things on all SORTS of high up shelves!

Now, the only problem with this situation, is that I only like being in there for about 60 minutes, and inevitably Mom and Dad take about 68 minutes to go grocery shopping. This, predictably, causes a problem. However, as long as Mom or Dad is OK with carrying me during the last bit of the trip (and periodically giving me some yogurt bites...more on those later) I'm A-OK.

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