Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gramma Mindy Visits!

This week, I have been busy busy busy!

Why, you ask? Well...this week, Gramma Mindy had a break from work, so she took a train down to visit us, here in Bethesda!

It was nice for me, since I got to hang out with Gramma Mindy A LOT! She was kind enough to bring another toy from back at Christmas and my birthday, which we had left behind because we didn't have room in the was great, because it felt like a brand-new toy, even though I had already technically received it as a gift! What fun! It was a plastic duck toy that has a stick on the top of it, which lets you push it along in front of you. The feet flap along, and it makes a quack quack sound (which is one of my FAVORITES!)

Mom and Dad also got a lot of help from Gramma Mindy! They got to see two movies (Avatar, and Up in the Air...) and were able to FINALLY paint my room! Now, my room is all set up the way I want it, and all we have to do, is some tidying up in the closet.

Gramma Mindy and I did a lot! We hung out, sang songs, and I got to show off my new walking skills. We both had so much fun! She was here for four whole days, and left Sunday on the train.

She was even nice enough to let me help her with laundry! (And by help, I mean she let me play in the basket while she sorted and folded laundry. :-) )


Gramma Mindy said...

Just call and Gramma Mindy will be RIGHT back!

The Dot said...

Careful....don't sound too eager. You blow all your bargaining chips.