Thursday, November 4, 2010

My first Jack-o-Lantern

So...just when I thought my Halloween 2010 experiences were limited to my parade and party on Friday, lo and behold, Mom and Dad let me help carve my first pumpkin. Sadly, there was no actual carving involved on my part, as I still haven't mastered "sharp things" In fact, sharp things are kept away from me with alarming consistency.

I also consulted on the final face for the jack-o-lantern...I decided to go with something classic, while adding pupils.

We decided to carve the larger pumpkin (the one that I have nicknamed "Too Heavy") since we knew it would be a bit easier to carve a face on this one than on my smaller one. Also, we can now keep the smaller one as decoration for the Fall for a bit longer. Hooray!

Dad set up some newspaper, and Mom suggested that he put it on the floor to make it a bit easier to let me help.

Dad cut a hole in the top so we could access the "pumpkin guts" as people tend to refer to it (Classy, right?) Mom got me a good sized spoon, and we went to town scraping out the inside of the pumpkin.

There was a lot of pumpkin to be scraped out, but with the both of us working, we did a pretty good job of it!

Sometimes, when it was a bit harder to scrape, Dad would scrape, and then pass the guts to me, so I could pile it up next to us on the newspaper.

I was WAY too excited for words....mostly I just made faces accompanyed by cute sounds...

Mom helped a little, mostly cleaning up a bit when I got a bit overzealous and pulled the pumpkin off of its protective newspaper coating...

After the pumpkin was sufficiently empy and clean, Dad drew a face of my design on the front, delicately carved the features into the pumpkin, and VOILA!

After I double-checked that the pumpkin met my quality standards (It did) Dad lit a candle, and dropped it into the middle of the pumpkin, popped the lid of his head back on, and we got to stand back and admire the hard work we did!

Later, Dad set it up in the window in hopes that it would ward off evil spirits, as they are said to do...or at the very least that someone would see it, since we're on the second floor. Another fun tradition that really helped seal up this Halloween season as one of the best so far! (Yeah...I've only had two, but you know...)

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