Sunday, November 21, 2010


While Mom and Dad prepare for a trip to Connecticut to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the baptism of my cousin Nicholas, I figured I should detail my last weekend trip to the'll be in three parts since it was a doozy!

As is usually the case in the Fall, Mom had to go to New York City to close one of her biggest projects of the year for work, and we got to come along again! So last weekend, we decided to pack up, and head East!

This year, the weather was a lot nicer, so it was a bit easier to get around.

While Mom worked during the day, Dad and I explored the city and got to do some fun stuff. We had coffee and breakfast with a friend of Dad's (I chased some pigeons) in the morning on the first day, and then met Mom and another or Dad's friends for lunch.

Later in the day (After a hardcore power nap) Dad and I went to Times Square while Mom went to a reception for work. We had so much fun, and there were SO many lights and people, that it was a bit overwhelming...

But one of the coolest things was that we saw a bunch of people dressed up like Elmo and Cookie Monster....two of my currently favorite people. They typically would take pictures with tourists for a couple of dollars, but Dad didn't have any change, so he thought it was rude to take pictures with them. They did, however, spend lots of time with of them even did a perfect Elmo voice, and sang a bit of the Elmo song with me. It was so much fun hanging out with these guys, and they made me so happy. They kept shaking my hand, and letting me play with their was beyond fun. I kept asking for hugs, and they gave me high fives...I can't put into words how much fun this was.

We were hungry, so we went off to find something to eat. I protested, because I was enjoying Elmo and Cookie Monster, but Dad promised that if we got some change, we could come back so I could get my picture taken with them.

We found one of Ray's Pizzas to eat at (Dad will explain to you the Seinfeldian reference to this place...he lost me after "Nexus of the Universe) We both got pizza, and I LOVED IT.

For some reason, I really enjoyed the crunchy bottom of the pizza, so I insisted that Dad fold the pizza in half so I could eat it from the bottom.

Weird, I know, but it was simply delicious!

The good news in all this, is after a yummy pizza dinner...we had a few bucks to go back to Times Square and take pictures with Cookie Monster and Elmo...and they were nice enough to do a joint picture with me! I cannot possibly describe how happy I was to get a picture with these guys...I was squealing with delight...I'll just let the picture tell the tale:

After a whirlwind day, the second one couldn't possibly top it, right? Wrong!

As Mom finished up work, Dad and I started off the day at a small coffee shop, where I had some of the best Honey Cinnamon Oatmeal you could ever imagine. I got to sit in the booth like a big boy, and I enjoyed my meal, while Dad had a banana walnut muffin, and an awesome (or so he said) mocha coffee.

From there, we walked a few blocks to Central may recall that last year (Click HERE if you do NOT recall) that last time we went to Central Park, it was cold and rainy....but surprisingly, Dad had never been, so Mom took him (and me) since our hotel was so close to it. This time, it was gorgeous, so Dad took me, and not only did we get to walk around and check out the lovely scenery...

...but we got to go in the big Central Park playground!

There was lots of slides, and sand to play with...

...and also a little boy dressed as Superman, who I made fast friends with. We ran around a lot together, and had a lot of fun! (At one point, he "rescued" a little boy who had gotten stuck in part of the playground)

The setting was simply perfect, and we had so much fun!

But alas, everything must end, and we hopped into the stroller, only to be stopped by an impromptu musical duo performing outside the playground. Drums and could I resist?

We met up with Mom, and I promptly fell asleep, while we drove on to Connecticut for the next leg of the Toddler Tour, 2010....

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Mommy should hang that Elmo picture next to her bed.