Sunday, December 13, 2009

Little Sam in the Big Apple

In another of my "Classics" series, I finally get around to my first trip to The Big Apple!

Now, technically, I had been there already last year, but was still all wrapped up in the womb. Mom and Dad went there for one of Mom's business trips...they decided top use it as their Babymoon... (

Well in Mid-October, Mom had to return to New York City for the same business trip, and Dad and I decided to come along....

It was quite an adventure to get all my stuff on the train...yeah, I travel pretty heavy, but hey...most celebrities do. Mom and Dad got it all down to a system (Dad kept an eye out for those seats on the train near the open area near the end, hopped into the train, saved the seats, while Mom packed me and the stroller up...then we all hopped the train, and only sort of took over the entire wing of the train. Mom and Dad were nice enough to either hold me, or let me crawl around on the floor. Mom and Dad even let me use their seats sometimes, while they sat on the floor.

See....celebrity life.

Dad and I hung out in NYC while Mom was at meetings...we walked around New York a little, but the weather was actually pretty horrible, so we didn't go TOO was cold, windy and rainy.

Dad was nice enough to let me play with Mom's cellphone in the hotel room when we were inside getting warm...sssh....don't tell Mom...

In fact, because of the weather I spent a lot of time playing in the hotel room, in addition to catching up on some long-overdue, even though the book is upside-down, I can still get the fact, I often find that the books are even more interesting when read this way. Trust me on this...try it some time. :-)

Mom had a break from one of her meetings, and so we all met up to go to Central Park. Dad had never been there, even though he had been to NYC a million times. Even though the weather was awful, I fell asleep and Mom and Dad got to walk around while I was in my little waterproof bubble.

They even managed to snap a quick picture of all of us...I promise that I'm actually in there.

Later that night, I showed off my little pumpkin butt while I played with Mom! (I would say that the pumpkin butt helps date the picture, but I actually am still wearing them to this December...they're just too cute to stop wearing...and they also happen to still fit, so that makes them fair game!)

Towards the end of the trip, we were doing a little bit of exploring in the city, stopping for lunch, and checking out Times Square before catching the train home...Dad decided that there should be SOME kind of photographic evidence of me in New York City (Besides the mysterious Central Park Bubble picture) so he took one outside the famous Ed Sullivan Theater where they shoot Late Show with David Letterman. As you can see from my expression, I am doing my absolute best to humor him.
We even got to stop by the HUGE Toys R Us store in Times Square...words can't express how excited I was to walk around there. There were just SO many toys, and music, and was so overwhelming, but SO much fun! I can't wait to go back when I can run around, and check out stuff on my own.

And I want to get on that "Big" piano...
Of course, Dad managed to make us late because of a convoluted series of events that I have no interest in going into here...believe me, it was his fault though...mostly due to a misunderstanding about where Mom and I were going to meet up after she fed me.

Mom and I split off, and headed for the train station, while Dad ran back to the hotel to get our bags...he came after us, and managed to get there in time...

We meet a nice Amtrak clerk who helped us get down to the train platform a little early, so we could snag one of those awesome sets of seats again!

And then we were back off to DC...I really enjoyed New York, and hope to get back there as soon as I can...

Except next time, we might want to try going in the Spring instead of Fall...

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