Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jonah's Treehouse!

So, last week Dad took me to a place called Jonah's Treehouse...now the website describes what they do as follows:

"Jonah’s Treehouse offers a wide range of play and movement classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers."

Mom and Dad's friend Pepe (Who I refer to as "Miss Alice" while I'm there, and who is sometimes just referred to as "Jonahstreehouse" by some of the kids. Yes, that's just one word.) set us up with a season's (Semester? I don't know...) worth of classes, and so now I'll be going there for about an hour once a week.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well...I have to tell you, it was a long day, and I was overwhelmed from start to finish. First I skipped my morning nap because, well...that's what I feel like doing sometimes! :-) Then, as Dad somehow managed to defeat a trend which has lasted for all of his 33 years, he actually left the house on time! So what do I do to celebrate?

I fall asleep in the car.

So, Dad let's me sleep as long as he can, and the unceremoniously wakes me up when we get to the place. I'm half conscious, and the next thing I know, Dad is taking off our shoes, and ushering me into the play area, which is a big open space with TONS of toys, and stuff to climb on and play in. As I became more and more jealous of the fact that Dad is allowed to drink coffee and I am NOT, Miss Alice pulled us into some of the games we'd be playing...

First, we did my favorite part, which was pick up some percussive stuff (Shaky eggs, little bells, etc.) and shook them to the music that was playing. Then we did some baby movement (Which was basically Dad moving my body around, since I am not quite into doing calisthenics so early in the morning.)

From here, we all ran (as I crawled...and by the way, I am the only kid in the group that wasn't walking...what's the deal, tykes? The way I figure it, I'm gonna have to be walking around the rest of my life...why rush into it? :-) )over to the big colorful slide. Everyone climbed up the big soft steps while Miss Alice helped, and then she even helped me go up and go down the slide. (I went backwards, because it's safer...it was still fun!)

After that, we did some free play, where I fixated on some balls and other such things, eventually following a trail of balls to where all children inevitably end up...

The ball pit.

As seen above, I had a BLAST wading around the pit of plastic balls, and would have been able to clean up the entire surrounding area of errant balls, had Miss Alice not interrupted to go and play with the parachute.

Now, Dad was WAY more excited about this than I was, since he LOVED this stupid thing when he was a kid. We all sat in a circle, and the grown-ups lifted up the parachute, and let it slowly drift down over ours heads.

I deftly avoided the parachute each time it came down. No way you're putting that thing on my head.

Then we sat on the parachute, and the grownups wiggled the fabric so it looked like there were waves all around us...

And just like that, it was over...we had some "bubble time" where Miss Alice blew bubbles that we chased around while a song about bubbles played, and then we packed up and headed home...

Dad managed to sneak in some errands before we got there, but I happily, FINALLY fell asleep before he managed to do that...

Until next week, Jonah's Treehouse....

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