Friday, December 11, 2009


So, even though I was technically around last year during winter time, I really was so overwhelmed with all of the new things I was experiencing, that I don't remember much snow last year. (Also, as anyone who has ever lived in any region that gets any REAL snow will tell you, Washington, DC is not where you want to live if you are interested in seeing any real snow)

SO, finally, winter is upon us here in the city after some unseasonably warm weather, and lo and behold, we got some snow. Now granted, things went as they usually do down here in the DMV (That's DC, Maryland and Virginia for the uninitiated) which means that there's panic, a mad dash for bread, milk, & toilet paper, and the tendency for people to drive 5 mph when the ground is merely wet.

Mom was nice enough to lift me up in order to be able to see the big fat snowflakes, and I couldn't stop looking around! Seeing the view from our apartment with the snow was so nice! Watching the view change as I've lived here from Winter, to Spring and throughout the warm life of Summer, through the colorful changes of Fall, and finally creeping into Winter, was such a great experience that got capped off by the really pretty snow flakes.

We all went out to a pretty surreal holiday party in the was thrown by one of Mom's vendors where she works, and while the event was lovely, we were the only people there that weren't one of his friends and family. We drove carefully, and got there only to find that the party was getting going pretty slowly, and food didn't come out until I was about ready for bed. The guy was nice enough to pack Mom and Dad a "To-Go" meal (Or six) and we headed out for the evening. There were three kids there that played with me for awhile, and while I had a lot of fun for awhile, I had to start humoring them when they started getting a bit rowdy.

Generally it was a good first snow day was an adventure, as they tend to be...

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Gramma Mindy said...

That is such an adorable picture. I just keep going back to it.