Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My first visit with Santa!

So...what do two sane grown-ups do at 9:00pm after an evening of Christmas shopping when their kid is tired?

Why, buy him a cheap Christmas shirt from Macy's, comb his hair, and stick him on Santa's lap, of course!

This was more for my Dad than anything else, although my Mom did eventually see the value of another of my first Christmas memories immortalized forever. We had been kind of playing it by ear as to whether or not I'd be visiting Santa, since most plans have to be run by me these days. After Mom fed and changed me (in a fitting room, no less...Mom is a TOTAL pro at this point...she can do that stuff anywhere!) we ran over to Santa as he was packing up. The lady taking pictures said we had a few minutes, so like a well-oiled machine, Mom and Dad deftly put the new shirt on me, combed my hair, and brought me in to see Santa...

Now, let's talk about how awesome this Santa, Dad has shown me some pictures of some sketchy characters that have stood in for Santa over the years as he was brought to various malls to have his picture taken...but THIS guy was the real deal...Look at that beard! That giant hat! The suit that was just the right color of red and white! Amazing!

Mom and Dad walked up, and even though it was the end of the night, this guy smiled so brightly, and took time to get me comfortable with him. He gently tickled my stomach with his finger, and he let me touch the soft edging on his was SO soft...he did it so fast, but never made me feel uncomfortable or upset...

It was quite magical.

Since gaining my trust currently involves tickling me, and giving me free presents once a year, he had me at "Ho..."...he took me, and propped me up on his lap, and even though I looked exhausted in the picture, I was so excited...he was just so nice. Mom got my attention from behind the camera, and after a few snaps, we were all done! He didn't make us feel rushed, and at the end, when Dad asked me to tell him what I wanted for Christmas, he even let me tell him...

Dad whisked me away, thanked Santa and wished him a Merry Christmas while Mom picked out the best picture...yes, the above one was the best...shut up, I was exhausted.

What did I ask for for Christmas, you ask? That's a secret between Santa and I, silly. :-)

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