Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am THIS many.... "this many", I mean one...but c'mon...

When I get older, I may be annoyed at the day after Christmas thing, but this way. We continued our holiday festivities without skipping a beat by jumping into my first birthday head-first!

SO many people came to my party! My Auntie Steph had it at her house, and did the decorating...she also took the time to bake a bunch of cookies in the shape of letters to celebrate my first birthday (As seen above) Who does that?!

We had a jungle theme, to celebrate our former apartment across the street from the zoo...everything from the streamers, to the cake, to the centerpiece and napkins all had a jungle theme! Neat, right?

There were so many people from both sides of the family, and lots of friends too! Everyone got to eat some good food, celebrate my birthday, and hang out. It was tons of fun!
Since I was a year old, I decided to start experimenting with some more food...

I had some meatballs, and pasta, but skipped the deviled eggs...something told me that was a bad idea...You can see my "Birthday Boy" outfit above, but Dad was bummed that he, and he alone forgot to grab the bib that went along with it...Regardless, I soldered on.

As the party went on, we knew the moment was coming...and sure enough it did...everyone sang a lovely, if uninspired and slightly repetitive song called "Happy Birthday" (Wonder what the words are? Trust me..they're not hard to figure out if you know the name of the song, and throw a couple more random ones in there for good measure...) Either way, everyone sang with the right blend of of calm and enthusiasm...I had a little help blowing out my candles from the people around me, and everyone applauded quietly so as not to make me cry...

Many thanks for that. :-)

And then the moment of truth was such a lovely cake, but they started cutting it up into single serving pieces and handing them out to people around the room. (If you look closely at the picture, you can see the little jungle animal figures that they put on the cake)

Not only that, but they gave me a nice fat piece of cake, which I hadn't expected at all! I was pretty hesitant, as I am not usually supposed to make a mess. But here it was...a big piece of tempting, frosted goodness, and me without any utensils of any kind. (Not that I would know how to use them anyway)

So I did what Dad had been talking about for weeks...I put my hand into the cake! It was so soft and sticky, that I just played with it in my hands for a few minutes, because I thought it felt kind of cool. I wouldn't, however, give anyone the satisfaction of making a mess of myself.

Until my face got itchy.

Logically, I reached up to scratch it, and before I knew what was happening, my entire face was covered in cake and frosting...

I was a little shocked that it happened so quickly, but as more frosting ended up on my face, I got itchier, and one thing led to another...Uncle Mat was nice enough to help me get a few good-sized chunks of frosting in my mouth. It was tasty, but a bit too sweet for my palate.

Just when I started getting tired of the frosting game, the fam sensed my growing desire to not be covered in sugary confections, and came to my rescue.

Yes...there was frosting up my nose. Yes, I was a bit annoyed. Yes, I smelled like frosting for the rest of the party.

After the cake, came presents! Mom and Dad took me into the living room, where everyone who had the cheap seats for my frosting debacle, now suddenly had the best seats in the house!

Dad helped me unwrap TONS of presents! He almost looks more excited than I do, at this point. But really, what can I say...I was still tired and fighting off a cold, man!

There were also a lot of adorable cards, and other gifts that people were nice enough to give me. Dad loves the gift bags for some weird reason. It's one of his favorite parts of opening presents. I can kind of see his point, as the bags make that crinkling sound I do enjoy so very much, but really, Dad...c'mon now.

Everyone helped me unwrap stuff, and we had a TON of fun!

Once again, Mom and Dad's family and friends (Who are also my friends and family, let's not forget) have proven how generous, fun and sweet they many toys that made so many noises, and had so many lights...books that I could read (or have read to me) toy cars, clothes, you name it. It was given to me, and I hope I was able to thank everyone for everything. (If not, I'm sure my parents will do it for me. :-) )

After a long day of visiting with friends and family (Some of whom I'm sure I didn't see nearly enough, since there were so many people to visit with) lots of crawling/running around (With some assistance from everyone else) and gifts and food galore...I was tuckered out, and the party broke up...

I can't wait to do it again next year (Albeit, on a slightly smaller scale, since this one was such a big deal, being my first one and all.)

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out, especially Auntie Steph for hosting and decorating, Da Gramma for getting the food, Laura for some mad skills cleaning up, and to everyone for the gifts, and good thoughts...thank you fore spending some time with me the day after Christmas...I know it's a busy time of year, and I thank you all so very much...

I am one...or twelve months old, if you like. :-)

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