Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_7_Just_Visiting_

In the last of my series of catching up, we have a quick series of pictures that goes along with my Uncle Steve getting married ( Mom and Dad stuck around for a day or so after the wedding, so Mom could have a day or two off before traveling again, and so that Dad could head out with some of his friends for Haunted House Hoppin' 2009 (Basically, this tradition started off with Dad and some friends trying to go to as many of those Haunted House deals as they could in October...and these days it's limited to just one or two a year...Dad started this tradition in the late 80's, and even though the group of people he goes with is fluid, he has somehow never missed a year. Wow...that was FOREVER ago!)

We got to hang out with the Dumas' some more...Mr. D is sportin' one of the tophats from Uncle Steve's wedding, which makes him look like an old man in a mob picture. I'm not judging, I'm just saying. Dad's friend Chris is holding me, which he loves doing. They told me something tremendously sweet, recently...that they have pictures of me on their fridge.

Just like everyone should.

I also got some more time with DaGramma, and got to play with some of the toys that live up in Connecticut. It's nice to have different toys in different helps keep things interesting, and our apartment ever so slightly neater...
Also notice the cameo from the monkey that was at Uncle Steve's wedding...Man, I LOVE that guy!
I also got to have a visit with my Godmother Amber, who was nice enough to not only draw me a picture, but she let me play with the crayons, too! Now, I didn't come up with anything more than scribbles for the time being, but really...I was ten months old...give me a break.
JustRichy and I played the piano for awhile. He handled all of the lower notes, while I took the higher ones. Gramma Mindy provides backup. (And by backup, I mean she held onto the back of my shirt while I played. I tend to get into the performance a bit, and with all the moving around I do, there's always a decent possibility that I will fall over...good lookin' out, Gramma Mindy.
As I watched JustyRichy finish up his end of our piece together, (There were more low notes than there were high notes, sue me...) Mom and Gramma Mindy were both amused and impressed at my contributions. They liked JustRichy's too, but he's been playing piano for AGES...been there, heard that. :-)


Gramma Mindy said...

Where'd the blue potatoes go?

The Dot said...

The blue potatoes had to be shuffled around...there was an error in posting those. I had to get the holidays up there, you were right on top of those blue potatoes!