Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As your read this, I am probably sitting in the car in traffic, ironically returning to Connecticut just as I am finishing my entry about my last trip to Connecticut.

And yes...traffic for this holiday weekend is probably so bad, that no matter when you're reading this, I am probably still in traffic. Seriously.

But that shouldn't stop my updates, since I'm almost caught up!

Now where was I....Oh yeah!

As Dad returned to Washington to work, Mom took me over to see Gramma Mindy, JustRichy, and Uncle Mat!

Once again, I could count on being able to play the piano with JustRichy (who was getting kind of annoyed that Uncle Mat was referring to him as Uncle Richy...luckily I didn't pick up on it, because he just isn't Uncle Richy to me...he's JustRichy. :-) )

Obviously sometimes I get a little frustrated at myself when I am not playing up to my fullest potential. JustRichy is kind enough to console me, and remind me that I have plenty of time yet to become a great pianist.

Luckily, I also got a rare visit from Uncle Mat! He's often busy with work, or his duties as a Marine, so I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, but when I do, we like to make it count! Also, I barely have to walk anywhere, since he's kind enough to do the heavy lifting!

He was kind enough to let me run the controls for the fan and the lights. And really, the only thing more fun than getting to see lights and fans go on and off, is to be the one in charge of it!

I had a really great time with JustRichy, Uncle Mat, and Gramma Mindy, but I did miss Dad a little, so we headed back home. It was once again a long drive (Seems to be a theme lately) but totally worth getting to see everyone back in Connecticut!

While we're on that topic...I guess I'll be seeing you again soon!

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