Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lego Exhibit!

So, two posts ago, I said that my next post was going to be about the Lego exhibit that Mom, Dad, and Gramma Mindy took me to down at the National Building Museum...Well, I kind of forgot and did the one about playgrounds instead. Sorry about that...I get kind of scatter-brained sometimes...I guess I truly AM my Dad's son. :-)

Anyway, we all went down to a really cool exhibit that was a combination of Lego recreations of famous buildings throughout the world, and some sections where we got to play with some Legos ourselves. I was really excited about getting to go! We'd talked about it for several weeks, and I was excited that the schedule to finally get to go!

Dad took a picture of me in front of a Lego recreation of the National Building Museum's interior great hall....above is the Lego version, and below is me running through the real one...pretty good likeness, right? And I don't just mean me...I also mean the great hall. ;-)


I led the way upstairs to where the main exhibit was, and we all went up to the second floor brimming with excitement...

Not only did they have the main Lego sculpture exhibit with the buildings, but they had also set up several huge tables with TONS....and I mean T O N S of Legos poured all over the place...don't panic about the small pieces...I was being supervised by at least two people while the third checked out the exhibit (I blew through the exhibit...and even though I enjoyed the Lego buildings, there was just simply no way to keep me away from the tables of Legos...

Gramma Mindy helped me build a very avante garde had several doors where there should have been windows. It was quite artsy, and I enjoy building it very much! Mom, Dad, and Gramma Mindy also took turns sitting down at the table and building stuff, too!

These are just a couple of the buildings that were recreated using Legos at the was amazing seeing all of those little pieces put together to create something that looks so similar to the buildings they were based on. Very cool stuff....but back to the playing!

I was on a roll with those doors, man...It felt like we were there forever, just playing endlessly with all of the seemingly limitless Lego blocks that were available to us!

Now, I'm used to Duplo-sized Legos, so the little ones took a bit of getting used to...but one thing I didn't expect...was these super-sized Legos!!

They just left out a huge pile of jumbo Lego bricks in the middle of the great hall, and we sat down to play with them as soon as I saw them!!

Mom and Gramma Mindy were kind enough to help me build this little bridge to crawl through...every time I would crawl through, I would make sure to destroy it afterward, and have them rebuild them...I know they enjoyed building them as much as I enjoyed destroying them...I don't know what I enjoyed more...crawling under the bridge, or destroying it...which is why I kept doing both over and over again. :-)

It was so much fun...there were even some other little kids for me to run around with...

Mom, Dad, and Gramma Mindy all helped me put together and pull apart the blocks whenever I was having trouble with them, but in general I was doing pretty well on my own...I have to figure out how to get myself some of these huge Legos!!!!

We finished the day off with a little lunch at the cafe that they had at the museum, and finished up the day in stellar fashion!!

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