Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!!

The other day was our annual Halloween parade and party at my daycare. Mom and Dad were kind enough to give me a choice in my costume, and since I am hugely into all things Cat in the Hat right now (Books, the TV show, wearing random hats and proclaiming myself The Cat In The Hat, etc) I picked the Cat in the Hat as my costume this year!!! How cool is THAT?!

As soon as the costume arrived, it was nearly impossible for them to get that hat off of my head. They were wise in that they put the costume itself away so it wouldn't get damaged or dirty before the big day. I kept asking where the bowtie was...and they had to calmly explain that they were keeping it safe for me.

I begrudgingly accepted their rationale.

We arrived at daycare, and I met up with all of my friends...there were lots of cool costumes...there were two Buzz Lightyears (One was a girl, which was cool) a firefighter, a SuperGirl, a football player (About whom Dad kept remarking, "Look at his little helmet!") and lots of other fun stuff...

The first thing we did was the parade....we walked around outside the building, and some people came out to watch us (Not as many as last year because it was freezing this year! Never have I ever been so glad to have been wearing a furry Halloween costume!!)

As is typical, I got very excited and ran up ahead...Mom and Dad tried to keep up while I ran off on my own to lead the parade....I must have been a pretty good leader, since every time I turned around, everyone was dutifully following me.They seemed to enjoy the fact that my hat helped to make it easier to find me at any given moment....I think they may try to have me wear it all the time for that very reason.

I will not fight them. That hat is awesome. Can we talk about that for a second? I mean, look at that thing...the price of the costume was worth it just for the hat, let alone the cozy cozy Cat outfit...

Also, I am not confirming or denying the following information...but there just might be pictures of me wearing only the hat and a diaper that Mom and Dad referred to as "Sam at Burning Man" whatever that means...

Anyway...once we were finished with our parade, we went upstairs to a conference room in the office building where there were a lot of staff members seated in a line so we could move down the line and do a trick-or-treat session. They do this every year, and it's always fun for all involved....Once again, and this boggles my mind, you simply walk up to a complete stranger, say "Trick Or Treat" and they just give you candy. How much easier could it possibly be!? This is a pretty solid holiday, I must say. Many people remarked that I was super cute, and who was I to argue?

Dad had to convince me to slow down! In my excitement, I kept running past all the people with the candy...Mom was helping with some of the other kids, but she was right behind me the whole time. :-) 
I sat down with my friends after I ran down the gauntlet of people and checked out my haul...not bad, if I do say so myself! A pretty good variety of both chocolate and lollipops was waiting for me....You'll notice the cool candy collectors that the teachers helped us make out of some paper plates during our craft time last week....pretty cool, right? I decorated mine with lots of great Halloween colors!

After the event, we helped some of the other kids get back to the classroom, and had some water to drink...since today was not a day I usually went to daycare, I went back home with Mom and Dad...because of their crazy schedules, it's always nice when we can all do something like this together, and have a lovely time!
To everyone going out for Halloween tonight, I hope you'll stay safe and have lots and lots of fun! Depending on the weather, and how I'm feeling, I may see you out there! Either way:


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