Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Carving 2011!!

As you may recall from THIS blog post, we all went to pick pumpkins up at Homestead Farms in Maryland....sadly, our pumpkin began rotting soon after we bought it...apparently, the pumpkin season was a difficult one this year, and many people had a hard time with medium to large sized pumpkins...(Dad said he ran into a lady who was getting a replacement pumpkin for her and her kids because they started carving their pumpkin and found bugs in it! Eeewww!)

So...that leads us to the story....Dad met this lady because he was out getting us a new pumpkin. Luckily, our tiny pumpkin made it out unscathed, and still adorns our dining room cabinet, but our larger one had to be thrown out.

Dad asked me what kind of face I wanted on the pumpkin and I told him I wanted a sad face. He double-checked with me, and I confirmed that yes...I wanted a sad face. He drew a sad face and I was very excited.

Dad cut the top open so that we could get inside, and he was really nice to let me sit next to him and watch....

Of course, even though he picked out a pumpkin with a nice awesome shape, he didn't take into account the fact that his hand would be too big to scoop out the guts....

I had to step up and do some scooping....I dramatically referenced It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! cartoon by yelling, "I didn't know you were gonna kill my pumpkin...waaaahhhh!"

Mom and Dad were understandably amused.

I decided to try to be funny by licking the lid of the pumpkin...

And immediately regretted it.

Dad and I worked some more, while Mom took pictures (She is still sick) and then we stood back to admire the final product....very classy for a last-minute pumpkin replacement, don't you think?

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