Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Third birthday party with my friends!

In my final (FINALLY) entry in catching you up with my whirlwind, crazy, wacky holiday/birthday...we revisit a birthday party that I held at Jonah's Treehouse with my friends from daycare!

Mom and Dad asked me who I wanted to invite to my party...I told them...and that's who they invited! Cool, right?

Our friend Miss Alice set us up with a discounted rate for spending a few hours hanging out at Jonah's Treehouse...it has been a long time since I had been to Jonah's Treehouse...but I remembered it like it was yesterday. They have a small ballpit that you really couldn't drag me out of, no matter what you tried.
They also did a lot of fun activities with all of us. There were some songs to sing, percussion instruments to play...
We thought it was hilarious that the boys and girls split up pretty evenly. It was mostly the girls that sat down and paid attention to the people running the event...while the boys continued to run around like crazy people.
And I, of course, spent more time in the ball pit. This time, with added puppet Lion-Friend.
I have to say, one thing you can count on to get me up and involved in the games is the parachute...and that's what they did! My friends and I were jumping around on it, and letting them spin us on the parachute! The parents all helped pull us around, and it was GREAT!
We even got under the parachute (can you imagine that there was ever a time that I was scared of this thing?! It's SO much fun!) while the parents helped pull it up and down over our heads...at one point, they got a little overzealous and knocked me down...I was pretty upset, and I cried a little, but the girls running the event cleared off the parachute for me, and let me lay down in it by myself for a few minutes....
They spun me (and Lion) around for a few minues, and it's really quite amazing how much better you feel after a few spins on the told parachute...
They had everyone join me on the parachute for the finale, and we all had a lot of fun being spun around by the parents...it was a great time!

The grand finale of the event, of course, was bubbles...everyone had a lot of fun chasing them around, and I, as always, tried to eat as many as humanly possible...it's kind of my thing when it comes to bubbles.

We were then led into the party room that was all set up for a late lunch/early diner (Depending on your perspective) I realized early on that my preferred method of dress was not condusive for eating....
We got a few slices of pizza, and of course some juice boxes. What party is complete without juice boxes!?
Everyone seemed to really enjoy the pizza...even the adults! I have yet to meet anyone that doesn't love pizza!

After the pizza, they lit the candles on my cake, and all my friends sang Happy Birthday to me...it's always such a nice feeling having everything sing for you...I blew out my candles, and dove right into some birthday cake...it was a delicious cake that I picked out myself when I was out shopping with Dad, and just as I expected, it tasted just as good as it looked.

And that was it...finally, after what seemed like weeks of partying (and a month of posts to catch up) my birthday was finally all celebrated out...it was such a great time. My friends and family made such an effort to give me a great birthday, and it totally paid off. What fun we all had! I can't wait until next year....thank you all for your happy thoughts, the presents, and especially for taking the time to celebrate my birthday...Thank you for being so generous and wonderful to me in beginning my fourth year on this Earth...let's do it again next year!!!

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