Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Holiday Pictures 2012!

This year, we decided to do things a little bit differently when it came todoing our yearly holiday pictures....instead of heading over to a portrait studio at Sears, as we typically do, Dad sought out an independent photographer. Since the prices were comparable, we went with her.

We met her at the Botanical Garden in DC so we'd have a pretty backdrop, but could also be warm inside. We took a combination of pictures with all of us together...
And also some of just me by myself. It took me a little while to warm up to the session, but Mom and Dad are fun, and the photographer was, too. She really got me to loosen up and take some fun pictures.
This one was an impromptu one with mom while we were waiting to set up for another one. We were obviously having a great time!
I have to say...even I think I'm looking much older these days...
We went outside and got playful for a little while...the three of us just kind of acted silly like we always do, and the photographer did a great job capturing that energy.
When we were getting towards the end of the shoot, I was just kind of running around, doing my thing, and the photographer kept up pretty well...NOW I'M RUNNING OVER HERE!
We did some last silly poses outside as the session was winding up...heyyyy! That's my face you're squishing!

There were some Christmas lights set up on the trees outside that must look lovely at night...I thought that even though they weren't lit up, they looked really pretty!
After the session was done, we were hungry and ate some lunch...the pictures got back to us pretty quickly, and not only were they great, but they got back to us in time to use them for Christmas cards, thank you cards, and to make prints for all out family to have! I think we'll try to do this again next year!

Special thanks to Kate Jett Walls for being lots of fun and taking beautiful pictures of our family!

Her website is at:

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