Saturday, February 9, 2013

Zoo Lights 2012!

It has been awhile!

Mom has pointed out on several occasions that this may be the longest stretch without a blog post in awhile....ironically, while there has been a lot to write about, we have been so busy doing those things, that I haven't had time to actually document any of it!

In December we went on our annual trip to the Zoo Lights display at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. There was a lot to see this year, and we wanted to get right to it!

But....there was another mission at hand. As we walked around the zoo, I saw a few kids with glow sticks. That's right! Glow sticks! All different colors, too! I decided right then and there that I had to have one...I MUST!

The entire night was no longer just about seeing the became about seeing the lights while heading out to find me a glowstick!

As is tradition, we started off walking around the visitor's center which was set up with a bunch of trains, lego villages, and gingerbread houses. There were a lot of really nice displays set up!

We walked around and saw more of my favorite displays...there was the lit up elephant sculpture that usually graces the entrance to the elephant was really pretty....but yeah, where on Earth did they have those glowsticks?
A lot of the displays are animated, in that they use different sets of blinking lights to give the illusion that things are moving...take this ant eater...the way the lights were set to blink, it looked as thought the ants were crawling right down the log to be sucked up by the anteater...
By far my favorite display was this set of flowers....they slowly transitioned from one color to the next....I was thrilled to sit there and tell Mom and Dad what the next color was going to be...
It was really neat, and I was having a great....wait, did that kid have a glowstick!? Let's go that way!
This was a neat little spot near the ape house...the lights washed over the walkway, and made it look really pretty to walk through...the ambiance was too cool...this is my superhero stance....what, Dad?! Did you just talk to someone who knows where they're handing out the glowsticks?

SUCCESS!!! There were people from some place called Pepco (product placement and corporate sponsorship works!) handing these things out! I can't even tell you how excited I was to FINALLY be part of zoo lights by being a glowing boy myself....
Mom got a glowing necklace, so that we both had a neat way to glow and be part of zoolights! I have to say, I was pretty excited...
Glowstick in hand, we made our way out of the zoo, catching a glimpse of a few more displays....I love the zoo....I love Christmas lights....and this event always brings together the best of both worlds...soooooo very cool. :-)

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