Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our new cat Laura!!

So....we have huge news....after the sad passing of our cat Norma last year, it took us some time to be ready for the idea of a new one...luckily, Mom works with someone who fosters cats, and she had one that she described as the best cat ever! Just after Thanksgiving, the woman from the foster place brought her by, we filled out some paperwork, and had ourselves a new cat!

While she went through many names before she got to us (Dazzy, Daisy, Dizzy, and Beezus) I finally dubbed her Laura. I will never tell anyone where I got the name from, but it's one that seemed to fit her.

She made herself right at home from the moment she was dropped off!
She explored our apartment, and did a great job finding all the little nooks and crannies that she could play in.
With all that exploring, and playing, she also took lots of little naps (Ohhhh....THAT'S where the term "catnaps" comes from...)

From the moment she was dropped off, her and I were pals...we play together, and act really silly together! We hang out and play a lot...
Sometimes, I don't think she gets my humor...
We have lots of little toys for her to play with...she runs around so fast sometimes, that we can't even get a good picture of her. (We have that in common....there are enough blurry pictures of me to last a lifetime!)
Sometimes she spends time in a lot of weird places....for example she really like hanging out in the bathtub. It's always funny to go and use the potty, only to find a cat sleeping in the tub next to you. WHAT?! 
As much fun as we have, we so much running around and playing...sometimes, we also just like to chill out on the couch and watch TV....she's also pretty good at that, too...

Now, if we could just get her to stop attacking our toes while they are under the blankets...

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