Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Connecticut Visit For Hannah's Baptism...May 2013

We recently visited Connecticut to take part in the baptism of our friends Mike and Laura's daughter Hannah. Dad got to be the godfather, so we took off some extra time to make our way up there for a weekend. It was a nice little trip!

While playing with Nick at Gramma Debbie's during the visit, I had to deal with the fact that I was getting pretty big, and couldn't quite fit through the playset like I used to. Ow! My head! 
Nick let me play with his Batman four wheeler, which was a lot of fun. We rode all of the driveway together...
And sometimes we left the driveway. To be fair, the pool was only about ten feet or so from the driveway.
We zipped around for what seemed like forever, while Aunt Amy and Mom watched us.
We also had some fun when Braelynn stopped by! Gramma brought us some freeze pops! Nothing better in the summer months than hanging with your cousins and eating some delicious little freeze pops!
A typically happy afternoon was had by all!
In the mornings, Nick and I watched some TV together and did a little of that bonding that we enjoy doing... and he even let me sit in his chair...
Well, mostly. He wanted to sit in my lap.
Finally, the big event happened on Sunday, and it was a lovely little affair. The church was really nice, as was the service. Dad looked like a million bucks up there.
I sat with my family out in the pews (Mom was taking the picture) and watched the baptism. It was really nice. Congratulations, Hannah!
We got to go to a little lunch downstairs and the food was great! I also got to run around and play a little bit before we literally hopped in the car to make our way back home. Above is a picture of the three of us acting silly. It's how we do it!

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