Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Friend Ashvini's Fifth Birthday Party

This summer has had its fair share of birthday parties...for my friend Ashvini's fifth birthday (man, we are getting OLD....we are pushing ten, here!) she chose to go back to the same place that she had her fourth birthday party, since she loved it so much...

It's a nice picturesque place that had lots of places where you can feed the animals...
There was a nice variety of animals there: Ducks, and even a peacock! That was one beautiful bird!
I tried my best to have a civilized conversation with the peacock, but he (she?) was prettt aloof.
I even got to see a little bunny rabbit that was being a bit shy.
Later we went on a hayride which was a lot of fun (my friend Skyler is hidden behind me there with her awesome movie starlet sunglasses on)
It was a nice day out, and we had had the party some months before the heat got really bad, so we were happy to have missed out on THAT. I hope we get to back here for Ashvini's SIXTH birthday party next year! This place is great!

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