Friday, July 26, 2013

My Friend Jonah's Fourth Birthday Party

My friend Jonah had a Ninja birthday party! He does karate classes at this place near our apartment, and they do birthday parties, so he figured he'd invite us all down for a really fun (and really active!) party

First, we sat down with the karate master, and he explained what we'd be doing...
Then he told us how to respond to the things he was saying to us. He wanted our movements to be very crisp, and for our responses to be very loud and respectful. Here I am standing at attention and saying "Yes sir!" when it was my time to do so!
He had us stand at a rest position (there's Jonah up front with the instructor) whenever we weren't actively doing anything.
And then he had us snap to attention when he told us. Look at my posture! I think I might be a natural!
This was our defensive position when we were getting ready to punch.
Here I am throwing out some punches which contacted a piece of paper the instructor was holding...we were told to snap our fist out, hit the paper, and let loose with a nice, loud, sharp "Aye-ya"
And yes...I was nice and sharp, and nice and loud. I had some nice solid hits!
We then moved on to some dodgeball, which was utter chaos...but SO much fun. We ran around the room, while trying to avoid getting hit by whoever's turn it was to have the ball. It was wild. The instructor played some loud music while we played, and it was crazy!

We had some lunch, and then some cupcakes that were fashioned into the shape of a dragon. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! The master even helped Jonah carefully cut the dragon with a REAL ninja sword. SERIOUSLY! That was amazing (as were the cupcakes)

That...was a great party!

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