Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dot learned a new word today!!!

And that word is "Panic"...
A quick search on the web for the exact definition of "Panic" brought back the following: 
"An overwhelming feeling of fear and Anxiety"
(I also found "To cause a sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic..." but I find definitions that include the word they are defining within them useless, and insulting to our intelligence....)
What does the word "panic" mean to my Dad? My Dad described it thusly: 

" "Panic" is when your wife tells you the story of how her co-worker (who was also pregnant) was due to have her baby on Thanksgiving, and had the baby this past weekend."

Man...Dad is being such a baby, don't you think?


tmheffer said...

Knowing you Dad, he is probably counting you being on-time or late to get everything ready. I hope you are OK with sleeping on a stack of old newspapers for a while until your Dad gets your crib ready.

The Dot said...

Crib? Hm....Father hasn't considered this. He was actually planning on having me sleep on a stack of old newspapers regardless of when I showed up. This gives me pause. I will be in touch soon, regarding his ideas for raising and taking care of me.