Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Trip to the Big City!

Well...a different big city anyway. Mom and Dad went on a trip to NYC
to celebrate their "BabyMoon". It had been some time since they had spent a significant amount of time in NYC, and they took the opportunity to spend their last baby-free weekend in the Big apple...

Mom got to get some work done (Since, TECHNICALLY she was there for a business trip) Dad took a Seinfeldian Trek around NYC, locating Famous Original Ray's Pizza, and the Nexus of the Universe (Both pictured here, at the bottom and top of this blog, respectivly) 

I saw (Well...HEARD...) my first Broadway musicals...Avenue Q (Which is NOT for children, though apparently OK for fetuses....festusi? Hm...neither sounds right...I have to look that up...) The Revival of  "South Pacific" which was wonderful except for about 26 minutes of an extraneous plot which was apparently exciting when the play first came out. I say, ditch it, and make this the perfect play it so longs to be. We saw the play with my Gramma Mindy who is quite a joy to have around, I must say. She fed me Barbecue near Times Square. Also something called an "Onion Loaf" is as disturbing as it sounds. 

Mom and I also took in the  comedy stylings of Mike Birbiglia...even from in here, that fella cracks me up. Check him out if you ever have the chance. He is just delightful....

They also found time to hang out with two of Dad's friends, whom he hasn't seen for ages. One in almost ten years, the other in 
almost 15!! Crazy, eh? I can' wait to have friends that I won't see for over a decade someday. 

We rounded out the trip with a visit to The World Famous Carnegie Deli which was as delicious as its reputation , the store FAO Schwarz (Which is a place that I am told I will LOVE someday...) The Hershey Store (Which I ALREADY love) 

I haven't forgotten about my other promised posts, dear readers...I have just been lazy. It has been awfully cramped in here lately. Mom's stomach is ridiculous, and doesn't seem to be getting bigger....but do not doubt me. I will find a way to make some room in here, and I will deliver my prose to you, POST HASTE!!
This weekend is a chance for my parents to take a baby CPR course to save my life, should I need it. I am, after all....the future.

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tmheffer said...

I am glad to hear that you are taking in the sites. When our little Hannah was still a fetus, we took her to New Orleans for New Years Eve and the Sugar Bowl to see Virginia Tech play football. I remember saying, " well now that I've seen it, I don't care if it gets destroyed in a hurricane".

Seriously, I said that...I feel moderately bad about it