Monday, October 20, 2008

Mom's Sweet Tooth Didn't Kill Me!!

Good morning all. 

Just a quick note about some cool things from last night before I jump into the usual pontificating...

So, I had just woken up around 11:00pm (This does not bode well for Mom & Dad's current sleeping patterns, I might add) and as is usually the case, I stretched out because hey...I'm a fan of stretching out. And as I did so, I heard Dad chatting away with me from "The Outside" and instead of kicking, I pushed against Mom's stomach, and instead of him and Mom feeling a kick, he actually felt me press and run my hand down her stomach. It was an odd feeling for both Mom & Dad...and they both seemed to get a kick out of it (Even if they were a bit weirded out about it) 

Dad is still having trouble accepting that I'm a real baby, and not just an idea. I don't think he believes that I will actually be out there sooner or later, and that I'm not just a random batch of kicking and punching from "The Inside"

I'm coming, Mister!! GET READY!!

So anyways....a note on the latest doctor's appointment. My mom went in to take her glucose test. Why did she have to take the test? Well....if Mom has a high blood sugar level, then she is said to have gestational diabetes and that is bad news for me, man. Her pancreas would have to work overtime to produce insulin, but it wouldn't necessarily lower the blood glucose levels, meaning that I end up with high glucose levels, cuz I get everything she's got...yadda yadda yadda....At the end of the day, all this scientific jargon leads to a "fat" baby with possibility of breathing problems, damage to body during birth...and what does this big fat paragraph ultimately mean to me?

No more ice cream. That's right, favorite vice snatched away from me in the prime of my gestation....

What happened, though!??! SHE PASSED!! Which, more importantly means that I passed!!

All is well, I'm healthy and happy....

And we had SO much chocolate and sugar that night....we finally had ice cream a couple days later, and Mom had a Heath bar sundae from Baskin Robbins, and also had a few bites of Dad's Cookie Dough Sundae which was like heaven on Earth wrapped in marshmallow and peanut butter sauce. 

Wait a minute...are fetuses supposed to eat cookie dough?

Oh Damn.


tmheffer said...

If you think DOT is bad for your sleeping habits now, wait until DOT is on the "outside".

The Dot said...

My Heffer!!!

My father often reads this blog....don't tell him THAT!! He'll think he can then make me stay in here forever...He is, quite obviously mistaken....but don't show him my hand!!! My poker face is solid, Heffer.... is yours?