Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!

My Dad wanted me to write "Hoppy Easter" but I have far too much dignity for that...he says that I'm a baby and that I can get away with that, but I call the shots around this blog, and will not compromise my principals...So:


Just a couple pics of my little "First Easter" outfit...I can't figure out how to make the one of me on my stomach flip back over for some reason...I just wanted you to see that I had a tail, is all.

Mom and Dad LOVE that the outfit has ears! Dad was literally thinking that day "I wish I had bought Sam something with ears...and there it was when he got home...

Once I get done nursing Dad back to health (He got sick right after Mom and I) I will catch up with the blog...Have a happy, and safe Easter!

Alright...HAVE A HOPPY EASTER! What are principals, when you can't bend them for your Dad...

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