Thursday, May 13, 2010

TODDLER_TOUR_2010_LEG_2-Beth's Shower! we go with our catching up....hold on tight, because there's been a heckuva lot of stuff going on in my life..

If some of it is out of order, I apologize, but some of this stuff is coming from memory...and besides, all you really want is some pictures and some information, right? The order it's in isn't necessarily important....right?

*Gulp* Right?!?!?

I mean...after all, there are pictures of of me are the best part. So here....we....go!

Mom and I went to Connecticut a few weekends ago to celebrate my cousin (second cousin, I think is how it works) Beth's bridal shower...

We all know how this goes, right? Great party with great people, celebrating impending nuptials with gifts, and merriment. There was some good food, and I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in some time...and as always, I ran around and looked adorable for everyone!

Gramma Mindy was looking forward to seeing me, and she kept an eye on me while Mom got a bit of a break...I even got to snag some beads to wear. Dad kept making Mardi Gras cracks when he saw this picture, but I don't know what he means...

As you can plainly see, I am more and more excited about the idea of playing with the camera, and less and less excited about the idea of having my picture taken...

Me and another cousin (Second, third, fourth...God, I have no idea) Timothy helped out with the presents...

As time goes on, and I go to more and more of these events, I have really gotten into the idea of helping out with presents. Beth was very nice to let me help out!

My favorite part of opening presents currently is the tissue paper...I mean, I enjoy the wrapping paper and all, since the boxes are often pretty and well-wrapped...but the tissue paper is like a surprise second wrapping paper! It's like I think I'm gonna get to the present, but there's an extra layer of anticipation that builds!

Plus, it's usually pretty soft (thus the name "tissue paper" is pretty apt) and fun to play with afterwards!

I also got a chance to play with some legos for the first time with some more cousins. ( many cousins do I have!?) They were playing with some video games, and I was trying to stay out of the way, but c'mon...when you put the legos right in front of the TV like that, you're gonna have me running around in front of the TV!!

They're really cool...I mean, the legos are fun on their own, they have the textured tops so you can chew on them, and they're just the right size to hold in my little hands. As if that isn't enough... you can also link them together to form bigger, cooler things to play with.

Legos are awesome. I'll have more interaction with these in the future...

After the party, I also got to spend some time at Gramma Mindy's with both Gramma Mindy and JustRichy.

They set me up in front of the piano, and let me play for awhile. Gramma Mindy watched me play, and I got to use the cooler as a chair, just like a of the things that I look forward to when I'm a grownup is using things as chairs that seem as though they're made to be chairs, even though their purpose isn't expressly that of being a chair.

After Gramma Mindy watched me play for awhile, JustRichy sat down with me, and helped me refine the music I had been working on with Gramma Mindy. He's always very patient, and knows a budding musical prodigy when he sees it...I like that about him. In addition to everything else, that is.

Before we headed back home, we made a quick stop by Gramma Debbie's place, and had a bit of fun there before we got on the road.

They let me hunt for Layla the kitty cat, but she does such a good job at hiding, that it was pretty hard...but it was still fun looking for her. It was worth the hunt just to catch a quick glimpse of her running around...

Right before we left, Gramma Debbie gave me a new car toy to go along with the truck I have. When you run it along the floor, the little mouth opens and's really cool. When you press the button on the front, the headlights light up, and it makes different sounds! Sometime they're car sounds, other times it sings! One of my current favorite things is to press the button and sing "na na na na na na na na na na..."

It's better in me. Thanks, Gramma Debbie!

After this brief stop-over, we headed back on the road again...

Man...I have logged more miles in 16 months, than a lot of people log in their entire lives...I am a well-traveled little boy!

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