Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TODDLER_TOUR_2010_LEG_3-Auntie Steph's Baby Shower!

Continuing my game of catch-up, let's move on to my Auntie Steph's baby shower!

I've only mentioned it briefly throughout my blog, but as you all know, my Auntie Steph is on her way to being a Mom herself...she is due on July 4th (Our family apparently loves to have babies around holidays) and last month, she had a baby shower to celebrate to impending arrival of my first first cousin (Yeah....I have fifth cousins, and second cousins, twice removed, once removed....I dunno...but this is my first official cousin with no weird add-ons required to describe them)

The baby is going to be a little girl, and even though I was the first...she is the first little girl...and will certainly be spoiled accordingly. :-)

I got to see a lot of my family while I was up there...I had other cousins (With add-on descriptors) come in from Pennsylvania...

Along with my great-Aunt from Virginia...as you can tell, my cousin Cynthia and I get along really well, and I have a lot of fun when I get to see everyone. We don't get to see them nearly often enough, and so I always appreciate when I can!

I got a chance to spend some time with both DaGramma...

and NotDaGramma (AKA Grandpa). I always enjoy seeing them, and getting to see them at a big ole party was just too much fun!

Auntie Steph got to open lots of presents! It was very exciting to get to see her opening all of these cool new things for my new baby cousin. Auntie Steph seemed to be enjoying herself, and everyone who was there was having fun, too!

Because I like to be helpful (and because I like presents) I helped bring Auntie Steph some of her stuff....

I even helped open some of them! Here ya go, Auntie Steph!!!

As is typically the case, we had a ton of fun at the party, ate some great food, and saw some great people.

Below is a nice picture of DaGramma, my Aunt Amy (Who is also cookin' up a baby of her own....so now I get a boy cousin AND a girl cousin this year) Mom, me, Auntie Steph, and my Great Aunt Cyndi.

The two pictures with watermarks are courtesy of Auntie Steph's friends Jason & Maggie....they have a photo website, and are both amazing photographers....thanks guys!

If you are interested in their work, they have samples on their site, and are available in the Connecticut area.... Check 'em out! http://www.jasonhenriques.com

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