Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Second June Trip to the Zoo! Dad and I went with Mom down to work...she either broke or sprained her little toe, catching it on my baby gate (Sorry Mom!) and we helped her bring some heavy party supplies
down so she wouldn't have such a hard time on the Metro. (Our car was in the shop, so we couldn't drive her)

As a reward for my efforts...I got another trip to the Zoo! It's a good thing for me that Dad likes the Zoo as much as I do (although I sometimes suspect even moreso than I do...) so I get to go a lot!

The weather was great...sunny, with a nice breeze, and this time, we made a break for the Small Mammal House, which I was very excited about...there are lots of little critters in there that look a lot like monkeys, which I am of course a huge fan of! (Next time you see me...ask me what a monkey says. The answer....may surprise you.)

I asked about 212 times if Dad would get me out of the stroller, as it was severely limiting my movement. He promised that once we got to the Small Mammal House, I could get out, and true to his word, he did! Immediately, I tore off down the hill away from him, but only got about 6 feet before he came up behind me and snagged me...Now come does he and my Mom DO it!? I feel like I've run, like, hundreds of feet away from them, when in reality they grab me when I've only gotten about 3 feet away...what kind of speed do these people possess?!

So, I followed Dad into the Small Mammal House, and really enjoyed looking around at all the small mammals.

The House lived up to its name in spades.

I also enjoyed randomly running around, and deftly darting in and out of larger groups of people, hoping to shake Dad (or at least make him work a little harder to catch me...) In between all the running, I saw a ton of cute little mammals...Golden Lion Tamarins, Hairless Mole Rats, Meerkats, and these guys, which were my favorite...I went back to their enclosure three times...

They were a type of treeshrew, and they used their long noses to root around and look for bugs to eat in the was awesome watching them. They kept coming up to the glass really close to me so I could watch was so much fun!

As I ran around, I came upon a cart with wheels, that didn't roll when I pushed made no sense to me! How could something with wheels be so stubborn as to not move when pushed!?

I looked and looked, but couldn't find any logical reason that the cart wouldn't move, so I I figured I'd back off, do some deep thinking at home, and come back at it fresh next time...

It was getting late, and I was getting tired, so Dad took me out to head back home for a nap...later today, we had to go to a little Father's Day pizza party at daycare (Which I'll talk about on Sunday) so I wanted to be well-rested...

Dad was nice enough to take me through the water misters on the way out of the zoo (and I don't care who you are, or how old you can't help but giggle like crazy going through those things!) They're so cool and refreshing...and you can usually see a little rainbow as you go through...

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