Monday, June 7, 2010

A Spring Gramma Mindy Visit

Continuing our highly anticipated series of catch-up posts, I thought I'd revisit my most recent visit from Gramma Mindy! It was quite some time ago (yeah...I'm STILL pretty far behind) but the memories are as fresh as ever.

Gramma Mindy came down for a pretty long visit this time, which was nice...Unfortunately, I have to apologize, since I shared a stomach bug I had (which I was also kind enough to leave in Connecticut with my Aunt Amy & Uncle Steve during a recent visit there) so Gramma Mindy had a bit of a rough week (as did my Dad to a lesser degree...sorry about that!) but we still spent
some quality time together.

Gramma Mindy was kind enough to watch me, while Mom and Dad not only went out to dinner, but got to see a movie as well! A busy week for Mom and Dad...also, all three of us went to a nice seafood place in Bethesda which Mom had been wanting to try...

By FAR, my favorite part of the week was all the trips to the playground!

Even though she was still feeling a bit under the weather, Gramma Mindy chased me around the playground, and helped me on the slide!

It's always amusing when I go under the playset, and try to run away from whoever I'm hanging out with. They always catch me, though!!

Gramma Mindy and I had a lot of fun! Dad had some fun too, mostly chasing us and taking pictures for the blog. I have to say, Dad is a fine assistant...he somehow manages to balance having fun, while also documenting the event for all of my fans in the blogosphere...

The one thing I am unsure about still are the theory, they look like a lot of fun. I watch other kids swinging, and they seem to be having fun, while I also have fun watching them.
I also have a lot of fun pushing the swing...but something about getting in there and being pushed still gives me the fluttering in my stomach that I get when something just isn't right...I'm working on it though.

I'm up to being able to sit in the swing for upwards of eleven seconds. Baby steps.

As always, it was lovely having Gramma Mindy around, and I can't wait to do it again (Minus the stomach bug...seriously, I'm really sorry about that...)

How can you be mad at a face like this?


Gramma Mindy said...

Can't wait to have a visit again very soon!

The Dot said...

Us too!