Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Second Birthday!

I am here to FINALLY wrap up my Winter trip wrap up ( January REALLY almost over already?)

As I said in the last post, much like these last couple weeks, "snow" was the word back in December (The other word was "Sick", but we'll skip that...) so my birthday party was a bit Cousin Amber and Great Aunt Sue made it out (But only because they didn't get the message that the party was cancelled) It was super cool getting to see them, though!

Everyone was really nice, and sang Happy Birthday to me!

Since we were snowed in, we had to go sans cake and make do with what we had, which in this case was a giant cookie. Now don't get me wrong, the giant cookie was quite awesome, and it also had two candles to represent the number of years I have been on this Earth. It was pretty cool. (And yummy....I do love cookies...)

Even though I had gotten a lot of presents at Christmas, there were more to be had for my birthday. (Rumor has it, Dad's side of the family who got snowed in over there have even MORE presents for me! What's a boy to do?!) I got some more blocks, and a couple stuffed animals...some books, and even, for the first time...PLAY-DOH! I know that right now, it's just some soft stuff to squeeze and be silly with...but I see a lot of potential for this stuff in the future...stay tuned for more Play-Doh-Related adventures, I'm sure...

Just make sure you put the lid on. Always put the lid on.


Once the snow abated a little bit, I got to go outside and play a was cool that Uncle Mat was there. We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the snow together! He carried me around, and we also walked all over, exploring the icy, snowy terrain.

JustRichy was around, too, and as always, we got to spend some quality time playing music together. I even got dressed up in a fancy hat and scarf, and convinced him to do the same!

So...much like the Postal paraphrase, there is no weather that kept us down! I was bummed that I couldn't see my Dad's side of the family, but I know that means that they'll be doubly excited to see me the next time!

Thanks for being patient while my posts got stuck in the clogged intertubes...once again, a snowstorm looms large over the DC area, and if it actually hits, I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me!

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