Sunday, January 30, 2011


So...we were warned, and this time it wasn't a drill...we got a pretty decent amount of snow! (For the area) you read this, you may be in an area that may have so much snow it feels like you have, for some reason, moved to the arctic tundra...please don't be bitter as I post with great excitement about seeing the snow...just know that I don't have to deal with things like "Snow Days" or "Long, annoying, slow drives" or "Shoveling"

Mom and Dad picked me up from daycare just in time, since the snow had really started coming down hard. It arrived right when they said it would, and it quickly blanketed the area in several inches of snow. Dad said it was some of the fastest falling snow he'd ever seen.

It made the commute a nightmare, and Dad let me watch a lot of the cars out our window for awhile. Later, he went down to help some of the people that had gotten stuck.

Of course, we're not here to talk about that....what was REALLY fun was the next day. Unfortunately, even though Mom stayed home the next day, she was really sick, and had to stay inside to Dad took me outside into our courtyard for some snow fun! Often, they lock the doors to the courtyard when it snows (for liability reasons) but the snow was so fresh, they still had it open.

I stomped around the snow, carefully at first, and then started running around. I was laughing so hard because of how much fun it was!! I fell a couple times, but the ground was still so soft with perfect packing snow, that it didn't matter.

Speaking of good packing snow, we took the time to make our OWN snowman...Dad said the snow was packing better than snow he'd ever seen before! Dad made the base, and I helped make the torso...then, I did the little head all by myself. I worked very hard on smoothing it all out. How do you think it looks? Small but effective!

We met up with a woman and her daughter who were making a GIGANTIC snow man...they used carrots as the eyes, nose AND mouth...VERY creative. It was bigger than ours, but also took about ten times as long to make. Plus, the little girl had some amazing self-control to not eat those carrots right up. I mean, not eating coal when you're using coal for the eyes is pretty easy, but all those carrots? I mean c'mon...

And what trip outside in the snow would be complete without trying out some fresh new snow to see how it tastes?

And yes....before I get a barrage of messages...yes, Dad warned me to not eat the yellow snow, whatever that means...

For the record, the snow was delicious, even though Dad was being a big baby saying "Ew! Don't eat the snow, Sam!"

We went inside, and engaged in another time-honored tradition of a snow first hot cocoa! Oh my....words can't describe how delicious this sweet treat tasted so good. It was warm (Which surprised me at first, since I usually drink cold liquids these days, but Dad gently reminded me about all those months of drinking warmed milk back in my younger days, and I was OK with it...) It was so smooth and rich (and Mom and Dad told me that this was "The Cheaper Stuff" I can only imagine what "The Good Stuff" tastes like, because this is pretty awesome.

I will now commence asking for hot cocoa on a daily basis.

The next day, Dad and I went out to find the doors to the courtyard locked....the staff deemed it unsafe. So we did the next best thing, and hightailed it to the roof to find that they had forgotten to lock the roof door!

We quickly ran into the snow, and following Mom's suggestion, fell into the snow to make "Snow Angels" Basically, you lay on your back in the snow, and move your arms and legs around in a way that leaves behind a shape in the snow that looks like an angel.

Really, I was just laughing at Dad when he fell into the snow and wiggled around. I also couldn't stop laughing whenever I was laying was so cold, but just so funny! I couldn't stop laughing!

The above is the result of my snow angelling...not bad for a first-timer, right?

Almost immediately after we finished, they locked the roof, and went back downstairs to have some more hot cocoa, warm up, and take a nap....I ADORE snow days!

Dad later found out that in his wild, reckless abandon, he dropped his iPod in the snow on the is currently sitting in a box of rice, in an attempt to get all the moisture out of it....wish us luck. Dad's quote?

" was worth it to get to make snow angels with Sam for the first time. Next time I'll be more careful..."

Aw shucks...I dig that guy. Next time, when Mom is feeling better, she's coming out with us!!!


Gramma Mindy said...

If you don't have enough snow down there. Come visit CT. We're about to have our sixth storm since your birthday.

Gramma Mindy said...

Sorry, Gramma is teaching you bad grammar. There should be a comma before the word "come", and it should have a small "c."