Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I may LOOK like Hugh Hefner...

...but I assure you...my lifestyle is FAR less interesting. This is the outfit I tend to wear whenever I am getting ready for a bath....Mom & Dad put me in this so I can hang out for a little bit before the bath if they have to change my clothes before it's actually bath time. I always give them these little adventures to enjoy. 

And by adventures...I mean pooping everywhere before it's time for my bath...

Now that life has gotten a bit more stable, the blog is going to be fairly busy in the coming days with some "Catch-Up" posts. After that, I'm going to try and be a bit more regular. I will try and post some pics that don't end up on Mom or Dad's Facebook so you can get some exciting and exclusive items! There will obviously be some overlap, but what you DON'T get on Facebook is my insightful, and amusing bits that go with the pics. 

Thanks again for sticking with me! Have fun!

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