Friday, February 27, 2009

My First Trip to The Zoo

My Mom and Dad met up with their friends Tom & Cheri and their kids Hannah & Ella (The Pokie one) and we all went to the zoo together. Above is a picture of me sleeping through 90% of the trip. I had fun, but nothing was more exciting than the event that got Ella her nickname...she was let loose at one point by Tom, and she ran at me, poking me in the face. I shook it off, but was a bit shocked. 

I then immediately went back to sleep again.

Tom and Cheri were mortified at their daughter's transgression, not knowing if she had hurt me, but my parents assured them that I was fine. Tom and Cheri came around, and now we all laugh about "The Pokie One" Ella continued to plot her next poke throughout the rest of the visit, but Tom was vigilant....and it was not to be.

But she's out there...somewhere...waiting....ready to poke at any moment.

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