Monday, February 2, 2009

Thug Life

That's see that little fist? I'm not saying that I'm threatening you, per se...but I'm not saying that I'm NOT.

Anyway...another week dawns, and the baby machine is in full swing...I have been sleeping (Sporadically) and filling my quota of diapers (Sometimes ABOVE my quota) just like a good baby should.

Coming up this week, is news and pics from the first leg of Baby Tour 2009! I was in Connecticut for the first time meeting some new family and friends. It was kind of a blast, but very exhausting. 

Last night, I watched my first Superbowl, but didn't know what was going on, since Mom and Dad both had about the same level of knowledge in regards to the ins and outs of football. The Steelers clenched it, and in honor of them, I threw down some yellow poop.

Gross...but true.


Maggie said...

Shucks, that is one adorable Thug!
Sorry I missed meeting you in CT, if you were there during the Board meeting...

The Dot said...

Why thank you, Mags!

Mom didn't make it to the board meeting, so I didn't think it necessary for me to go either. My tendency towards crying, pooping, and looking around the room at all things shiny, makes me a very bad person to have around at a meeting.