Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tummy Time may have seen in an earlier blog entry that Mom and Dad have been pretty consistent with tummy time. This is essentially a way to help me strengthen my neck muscles, and get coordinated enough to hold my head up without someone having to support my head all the time. 

Ever hear people shouting "Support the Head!!"?? This is not just merely an election slogan from "3rd Rock From The Sun" It is a call to action for people holding a young baby to support their heads, since they just kind of lob around for the first months of their lives.

My parents have been pretty consistent with my tummy time (And I even get a little extra curricular sometimes and have tummy time when I am laying on Mom or Dad's chest)

As you can see, I rarely need help with my head anymore, and have been progressing really well. These pictures are actually from a couple weeks ago, so I am doing even better than I was when they were taken.

Not bad, eh? I throw that little look over my shoulder that says, "Hey there...check it out. Impressed? How could you NOT be!"


Rachel said...

Meanwhile, the little puppy face right on your tush...CUTEST THING EVER!

The Dot said...

You should see the new one I have with a dog that stretches around my side. The face is on the front, and his butt is near my butt. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your Uncle Richy fixed my computer so now my MSN program lets me coment again. I can tell you how adorable you are and how i can't wait to see you again.

Gramma Mindy