Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_1_Part_2

Well...I finally have a chance to get around to Part 2 of my first visit to Connecticut. (And right before I head back up there again for my Auntie's Wedding Shower.)

On a sidenote...I do question the logic of celebrating a wedding by taking a shower. My concern is that there are a bunch of dirty people walking around, just WAITING to bathe themselves until they get married. It doesn't make any sense to me, and frankly if I have to endure baths all the time, then I think that grown-ups should do the same....Plus, who is dating these dirty, smelly people? I have to do some more research and get back to you...

Anyhoo, while I was in Connecticut, my Gramma Mindy held a little "Coming Out" party for me. This is not what you think, was basically just a big get-together for friends and family to come over to Gramma Mindy's and meet me. There was food, and I met TONS of really great people! I had such a blast, and proved that I could be a worthy "Community Baby" getting passed all around to the family.

Above is Amber...she is gonna be my Godmother in a few weeks. I have no idea what that means, but apparently it's a big deal.
This is the hoodie that my Gramma Mindy knitted for me. It is SUPER cozy, and it matches the little hat that she made for me up in Maine before I was even born. My parents picked out the yarn, and Gramma Mindy went ahead and knitted away.

This is my cousin Beth, and in the background my (Great?) Aunt Penny....Beth wears awesome hats, and does a great job holding babies...she is super cool.
Above is a wider shot of Grammy Mindy's kitchen. My Uncle Rich and my Mom look on as Beth imparts some wisdom on me. I am listening intently....
OR looking at her awesome hat.

While at my party, I met a local celebrity...this is my cousin Taylor. For such a big deal, she is actually pretty down to Earth, and she did a GREAT job of keeping me calm while Dad changed my diaper. She was a lot of fun to hang out with, and must be a GREAT big sister to her brother Tim.
Oh, and this shot was before she calmed me down. I was very upset since I was naked and being changed in the middle of a large party thrown in my honor.
Wouldn't you be upset? :-)

All in was a great trip...Gramma Mindy threw a wonderful party, and the family all had a blast. 

As Mom and Dad packed up to go the next day, DaGramma's cat Layla stood guard over me.

Gramma Mindy made sure that I was secure in the baby bucket, and we headed back out to return home. 

We unceremoniously ended up having some car trouble on the way home. Initially, it sounded like a flat tire, but it turned out that the front undercarriage guard had just fallen off and was dragging on the ground. It sounded scarier than it was, but Dad rallied and taped that sucker back on! Duct Tape DOES fix everything!!

That's all for the trip...I promise that I will report on this weekend's journey to Connecticut 

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