Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am, officially, a "G Diaper Baby"

In an attempt to help the environment around us, and to help the environment of Mom and Dad's apartment smell less like diapers, Mom and Dad have started the transition to "G Diapers"

They are basically a different type of diaper. They are plastic-free, and flushable. They also decompose in about 50-100 days, as opposed to the billion years (or so) that it takes for regular diapers to decompose. They consist of 3 layers: The outer cloth layer, an inner plastic liner, and the interior flushable diaper refills. I am only a baby, and can't explain it nearly as well as the folks at G Diaper can. Visit to learn's SUPER cool!

Yesterday was our first day using them. All went well so far, although it was only Mom changing me, since Dad was at work. The product works almost exactly how it's supposed to. The only foreseeable problem right now, is that the G's are a little bulkier than my old diapers, but just by a hair. So basically, if I grow out of a pair of pants, there is little chance that Mom & Dad can squeeze "just one more" use out of a particularly adorable outfit.

This, of course, may turn out to be an unmitigated disaster...but if it works, we will become another progressive family that is being a little kinder to the environment.

Plus....look how cute my little butt looks in these "Little G Pants." :-) I even threw a smile over my shoulder because nothing makes me happier than my parents taking pictures of me in my awesome new futuristic diaper!

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