Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_1_Part_1

SO....a few weeks ago, I took my first Road Trip to visit friends and family in Connecticut...I kept meaning to write this entry, but other things kept getting in the way. I'm a very busy little man. My parents were jerks and had me way down here in DC, far from a large number of friends and family...
This of course leads to the first of, what will probably be, many trips back to The Constitution State.
The drive up was fairly easy...I slept for most of the drive, which Mom and Dad appreciated. I only ate once, and had a fairly pleasant drive the rest of the time. Weather was
supposed to be iffy, but it ended up clearing up as we all travelled up the East Coast...The trip took a bit longer than usual, but all in first 6 hour drive went very well!
The "check engine" light was lit for the duration of the trip, for no real reason except that apparently the
car thought that the instrument cluster was in need of a dash more yellow/orange.
There were two main segments of the trip...Mom's side, and Dad's side. (Leg_1 and Leg_2) I stayed with my parents on the first night at my Dad's place...Da Gramma set up a little port-a-crib for me in the bedroom, and I slept (Say it with me) like a baby.
I got to meet my Aunt and Uncle, and a few of my Dad's friends. This is a picture of my Uncle Steve and I. I look uncertain because I had just woken up, and Dad shoved me into Uncle Steve's arms.

Uncle Steve also smelled like bagels.

Below is a picture of me with my Auntie Stephanie. I was happily asleep, and don't remember much about this moment, but I was told that we had a lovely time, and that Steph was very excited to meet me. I am concerned, since I was told repeatedly that she had every intention of pinching my cheeks, and possibly eating me.

Below is a picture of me with Da Gramma. I was quite content, not having any idea that my first "On-The-Road" bath was on its way.

Behold, my first bath whilst traveling. It actually went fairly well. I was excited that I only got to have a glorified sponge bath instead of getting dipped in water as my parents tend to do at home. But, I got to be nice and clean for the rest of my visit to the Homeland. The first picture on the left is of me warming up after my bath, and the second is of my grandfather scrutinizing my cleanliness. I passed muster, and was allowed to continue being adorable on the rest of my trip...I'm still not quite sure what my Auntie Stephanie is laughing at.

The last two pictures are of me with my Dad's side of the family...the first is me with my Auntie Steph, and my Uncle Steve. The second picture is of me and DaGramma and NotDaGramma (Also known as Grandpa) I am only pouting in that last picture, because I had to leave such a fun, and loving family to return home at some point.

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