Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I thought we had an understanding....

This is Norma. You may have seen her in an earlier photo on my blog, or if you are one of the lucky 6 people on the planet, you have actually met her. She is abnormally intelligent, which is sometimes helpful, but other times poses some problems.

She also tends to sleep ANYWHERE. And by anywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE!

(As I type this, she is next to me swiping at an emory board that my mom left out...she is quite intent on getting that thing lost under the couch)

The picture above is what we walked in on the other day. That's MY Boppy she is sleeping in. On the Boppy website, the Boppy is described as "an award winning baby nursing pillow ...babies also LOVE it for tummy time, and learning to sit up!"

No where does it mention this being a proper place for a cat to nap.

This is not yet war...but we are edging close towards it. Watch yourself, Norma...

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