Saturday, March 21, 2009

A retraction of my bath statements.

Mom and I were talking last night, and she informed me that the bath time that went down at my grandparents house was not all sunshine and roses, as I previously reported. 

Mom reminded me that I peed everywhere several times, forcing much laughter from my family, and much cleaning from Mom and Dad.

Now, obviously this is a matter of perspective. For me, everything went quite well. I had the opportunity to pee free (as I like to call it) without the confines of a soggy diaper, and ultimately I ended up clean, and happy. My parents, who had to deal with the steady stream of pee on a more grown-up level, were amused, but this of course made the bath slightly more trying for them.

I think what I did was completely reasonable, but my Mom wanted me to clarify for the sake of presenting every side of the situation.

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