Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Development 2

Here is a picture of me holding one of my rattle toys. If my Mom or Dad puts the rattle into my hand, I can now hold it, and shake it.

Of course, I haven't quite learned how to put the rattle DOWN yet, so I basically just shake it, and when I'm over it...I just panic, and start fussing until Mom or Dad takes it out of my hand.

I am also grasping at my bottle whenever Dad is feeding me. I just want to make his life a bit easier by giving him a chance to nap while I am feeding myself.


Rachel said...

Dot, I thank you for your "development" posts. I'm learning so much about how a baby grows that I never would've thought before. I can't wait to hear about crawling and walking from your perspective!

The Dot said...

You're quite welcome. We're all learning here....me, you...my parents....it's all new! Crawling and walking will be pretty terrifying...for both me AND my parents...