Sunday, July 4, 2010


And if the staff of my daycare is to be believed, the first of many...

Yep...on Thursday, Dad got an email saying that on Friday we'd be having the annual Independence Day parade around the office buildings that border my daycare!

What does THAT mean, you ask...well, I'm glad you did!

It means that we all get in a huge line that resembles a discombobulated amoeba, and walk around the office park...some of us in our finest red white and blue!

Getting the email kind of last minute, Dad scrambled a bit, but we pulled off finding me a cute outfit to celebrate the Fourth a few days early...Mom was out of town for work, so she didn't get to come, but Dad was kind enough to take tons of pictures for her...Out of respect for the kids, (I like to be careful to not post shots on the web of my classmates) I only posted a shot of us where you couldn't really make out their faces, but Dad also got some other great shots of us walking around the building. A lot of workers came out to see us, so it was fun! The bigger kids were waving flags, and holding spinning pinwheels. It was great!

In addition to the outfit, I surprised Dad by pulling out the cute Independence Day hat that I made myself. (I seriously did! The teachers cut the pieces out, and I stuck them on all by myself!)

Now granted, I wasn't always thrilled to have the hat on, but what kid is? I took it off a few times, but Dad always kindly put it back on for me.

We had a lot of fun, and even though the parade only lasted about 15 minutes, we made the most of it.

I was obviously a little confused and annoyed about Dad taking a picture of us, but I instantly changed my tune once he put me down and let me run around...



Gramma Mindy said...

Happy Fourth of July to you!

gayle said...

love it! please make sure day care has a halloween parade too :)

The Dot said...

Thanks Gramma Mindy!

Gayle-We didn't do a parade last year (It was a bit too chilly) but we DID have a little party. Enjoy!