Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas 2011 Part 1

As always, because of our crazy schedule, we had several distinct celebrations in regards to Christmas. The first leg was at Gramma Debbie and Grandpa's house....

Since my Aunt Amy and Uncle Steve are currently living with Gramma Debbie for the time being, my cousin Nicholas was kind enough to share his space with me... 

...and I was kind enough to plop his pacifier back in whenever it fell out...I thought it was a pretty decent arrangement...
Gramma and Grandpa has a nice tree set up, with some pretty ornaments, and best of all...PRESENTS underneath! (On the left is Aunt Amy and Uncle Steve's cat Caspurr....I got my eye on him...)

Dad's friend Mike stopped by, and he made the mistake of doing something fun that I liked...namely, he picked me up in the chair I was sitting in, and spun me around over his head...I then had him repeat this move no less than 19 times. It was a lot of fun!

Later on, when everyone else arrived, we did our annual FakeChristmas where Dad's family exchanges gifts with us, and vice versa....I got to open a lot of really fun stuff...

I fancy myself a present connoisseur, so I don't like to rush anything...I find a present that looks intriguing, I size it up, open it, and then take my time to enjoy the spoils that lie beneath the lovely wrapping paper...
I got a lot of really great stuff, and had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone...some highlights of the day were:

A big book from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...it should keep me entertained for ages!

A new plate, cup, and bowl set featuring...THE TOY STORY CHARACTERS!!! I thought the combo of all three items was really great, and it should make lunchtime fun!
Continuing the Toy Story theme, I got myself some Buzz Lightyear pajamas! 
I was confused at first....the pajamas look like this from the front:

And so the first, logical, question I asked was: Where is Buzz's head? Where are his hands? Dad laughed and told me that MY head and hands would act as Buzz's head, effectively dressing me up as Buzz Lightyear! How COOL is that!? And they were also super cozy! To this day, I ask for these pajamas at bedtime as my first request for which ones I want to wear...I LOVE these things!

There were any more gifts, and after a protracted session, I opened them all...it was truly a great FakeChristmas. Dad even said that it felt more Christmassy than usual, and everyone does a great job of making it feel like Christmas, no matter what day it is....I always enjoy hanging out with everyone, and it's such a nice holiday....even though it happened a few days before December 25th. :-)

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